Kuberstack beta

Open source Kubernetes based solution for High Availability and Security


What we bring

  • Continuous integration and deployment

    Continuous integration and deployment
  • Autoscaling

  • Infrastructure as code

    Infrastructure as code
  • Autotesting and Security

  • Security

  • Kuberstack

    Kuberstack makes it possible to automate the rollout of updates, eliminating the pain of manual deployment.

  • Kuberstack

    Kuberstack allows you to scale the infrastructure automatically under a variable load. You pay only for the resources used and not a cent more.

  • Kuberstack

    Thanks to Kuberstack, any environment is deployed in a matter of minutes

  • Kuberstack

    Kuberstack offers a comprehensive solution to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Our product

Our solution appeals to companies which are looking for high availability and security.

We successfully operate in ICO, Sports Betting, Insurance, as well as financial corporations.

Our product is ideal for your company if you need your site to deal with heavy traffic, be available 24/7, process a gigantic number of transactions (both in national and cryptocurrencies) and pe fully protected from cyberattacks.

Based on

  • Kubernetes


  • Gitlab-Cl


  • AWS


  • Docker


  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud

Why choose us

  • AdCel
  • Cryptonomos
  • Giga Watt

Contact us

We are opened for new projects and cooperation. Please send us a message and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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